Why Is My Engine Ticking?

Why Is My Engine Ticking?

So you’re driving along and you start to hear a tick, tick, tick, coming from the front of the car. There are many things this could mean. Some are nothing to worry about, but others are serious.  If you hear a ticking noise here are some possible causes.

Low Oil

If the oil level is lower than recommended it can cause the engine to make a ticking noise. This is because the oil is not high enough to make it to the top. If the ticking goes away after the engine warms up there shouldn’t be a problem, but it if continues, take it to a mechanic.

Valve Train

The valve train uses oil pressure to keep enough clearance between the camshaft and the rocker arm. If the pressure is wrong, and the distance between the parts changes, they could start to tap. This is something you should have checked.

Push Rod

A bent push rod can also cause ticking under the hood. If you press hard on the accelerator often while driving it can bend the rod. A quick and hard depression on the pedal is too much for the rod, causing it to bend under the pressure.

If you hear a ticking coming from under the hood of your car it is a good idea to have it checked out at a dealer such as Moose Jaw Ford. They will diagnose the sound and let you know what the problem is and if you need repairs. The sooner you have it checked, the less potential there will be for damage to the vehicle.

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