What to Do If Some Road Rages

What to Do If Some Road Rages

While driving can be very frustrating at times, it can also be terrifying if you become a victim of road rage. While you can’t change the way the other driver feels, you can do several things to keep yourself safe should you be involved with an angry driver.

Avoid Conflict

If another driver becomes angry and begins honking their horn or waving at you, do not engage with them. Simply ignore their gestures, keep your eyes on the road, and continue driving. They will likely leave you alone and drive off in front of you.

Call for Help

If the agitated driver continues waving at you, making obscene gestures, honking, swerving, yelling, or anything else that makes you feel threatened, call 911 to report the incident. Aside from being angry, it could be that they are also intoxicated, which puts everyone at risk.

Get Away

If you’re on your way home and a driver with a case of road rage is following you, it’s best not to stop at your house. If you do, they will know where you live and may jump out and become physically aggressive toward you. Likewise, if you are on your way to a restaurant or store and an agitated driver is following you, try not to stop there either. Instead, drive straight to a police station if possible. This will likely thwart any aggressive behavior and keep you safe. If a police station isn’t nearby, or you don’t know where one is, make sure you stop in a well-lit, public area where plenty of people are around.

By using these tips and keep your head about you, you can avoid conflict with it comes to road rage.

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