What Shoes Are Best for Driving?

What Shoes Are Best for Driving?

When you’re behind the wheel, your choice of footwear matters more than you may realize. Certain shoes will offer better control while others can make it harder to feel the pedals.



If you prefer to stay comfortable, grab a pair of sneakers for your next long drive. Puma Sala sneakers have thin soles and are narrow enough that you won’t hit both pedals by mistake. They look casual so you can easily transition from driving to your social activities without having to change your shoes. Slip-on sneakers also work well for driving, such as the styles from Vans. The rubber soles are designed to grip a skateboard deck, but they work well for pedals as well.



Dress Shoes

If you’re heading to work, you might not want to change your shoes when you arrive at the office. A pair of brogues with some grip in the soles will offer good control of the pedals while looking stylish. Loafers often have nice side-molding, granting better traction from the heel to the toe.



What to Avoid

Any footwear with an open heel can be dangerous for driving since it’s easy for your foot to slip off the bed, which can cause you to lose control of the car. Flip-flops and open-back sandals are not recommended. Although running shoes have soles with good traction, the shoe shape and thicker soles make it harder to feel the pedals.

If you enjoy the art of driving, pick out a pair of shoes that make for a more enjoyable experience.

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