West Moose Jaw Ford Dealership Encourages Regular Oil Changes for Vehicle Longevity

West Moose Jaw Ford Dealership Encourages Regular Oil Changes for Vehicle Longevity

Our Ford service center experts in West Moose Jaw do everything we can to ensure our customers are satisfied and safe in whatever Ford model they choose. In order to keep your Ford vehicle on the road for as long as possible proper maintenance is necessary and it is up to vehicle owners to stay on a proper schedule.


Oil changes are part of the most basic of maintenance tasks your Ford relies on you to remember. Whenever you drive your Ford, the motor oil in your engine will collect the moisture and dust particles. This debris cycles through the engine in the oil especially when the oil filter is too worn to do its job properly.


There are plenty of opinions on how often you should have your oil changed. The best way to make that determination is to read the recommendations of the manufacturer listed in your owner’s manual. You should also discuss your driving habits with our expert technicians who can recommend the proper schedule for your oil change schedule.


It is also important for our team to inspect the condition of your engine and identify any minor issues while they are still small. Any leak in the engine could reduce the amount of oil and insufficient oil can lead to a burnt out motor. It is also important for vehicle owners to look around the ground area where they park to check for oil spots or signs of other fluid leaks.


Schedule your first or next oil change at our West Moose Jaw Ford service center today and our team will help you set up the right maintenance schedule to keep your oil clean and your engine running optimally between each service.

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