Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs to be Serviced

Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs to be Serviced

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Are you aware of the warning signs that your car needs to be serviced? Paying attention to your car and heeding the early signs that your car needs to be looked at can save you on costlier repairs and breakdowns in the future. Here are the top 5 warning signs our friendly service department recommends you should never ignore.

1) Your Dash Is Displaying A Warning Light: If a dash warning light is illuminated, you should never ignore it. This is a sign that something in your car needs immediate attention. Depending on the light your oil may need to be changed, your tires air pressure may need to be checked or your engine could need to be looked at.

2) Smoke Is Coming From Your Hood or Exhaust: Your car should never have smoke coming from it. If smoke is coming from your hood, this most often indicates your car has overheated. Excessive smoke coming out of your tail pipe likely means you are burning oil.

3) Your Car Has A Leak: If you notice fluid is leaking from your vehicle you could be losing oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid or coolant. Periodically check under your car when it has been parked to ensure no leaks are occurring.

4) Strange Noises: Any strange noises need your attention. Squeaking, grinding and any vibrations could indicate an issue with your brakes or tires. Your brakes could be failing or your tires could be wearing unevenly or be out of alignment.

5) Trouble Starting: If your car is having difficulty starting then it may need to be serviced. First, make sure you have not left any interior lights on that could have run down the battery. If not, then this could indicate a dying battery or an issue with your fuel pump.

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