Top 4 Ford Mustang Performance Upgrades

Top 4 Ford Mustang Performance Upgrades

17104050819_ca096f772e_bThe Ford Mustang is a powerful vehicle right out of the box, but you can always squeeze out a few more horsepower with the right upgrades. Plus, adding those final touches is all part of the fun of owning a muscle car. Here are a few items that should be on every Mustang owner’s wish list.


Stock exhaust systems have to abide by pollution control standards, which may be looser for the after-market crowd. A wider exhaust can improve the airflow out of your engine by reducing back pressure; it can also make an already impressive engine sound even more aggressive.


A new suspension won’t improve your engine power, but it will make it more effective by reducing drifting and rolling and making sure that not one bit of that power goes to waste.


If the beefy standard brakes aren’t enough for you, you can always upgrade their size and add some colored calipers for that added bit of custom design.

Wheels and Tires

Performance tires are expensive, but they absolutely deliver a level of traction and control you can’t get from a normal set of all-weathers or even the lighter treads of summer tires. This also gives you the chance to pick out a set of wheels with an interesting shape and plenty of room between the spokes to let people see your custom brake pads.

The Ford Mustang starts out as a great car, but there’s always room for improvement if you have the money and the time to invest.


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