All Time Top 3 Ford Concepts

All Time Top 3 Ford Concepts

Concept cars are a fascinating glimpse into the creativity and innovation of an automaker’s design team or a result of a collaborative effort. Ford, in particular, has unveiled some noteworthy creations over the years. Here’s a look at Ford’s three best concept cars of all time.



1. The Mighty Tonka


In early 2010, Ford rolled out a bright yellow F-350 truck dubbed the Mighty Tonka. Boxy and massive, the truck had dual rear wheels and a wide stance. Under the Mighty Tonka’s hood roared a six-liter turbocharged V8 Powerstroke engine capable of producing 350 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. Inside, the cab had silver and black trim with a futuristic look that reminded people of an airplane’s cockpit. When many automakers showcase futuristic sporty concept cars, the Mighty Tonka really stood out as a new take on the heavy-duty pickup.


2. The GTX1 Concept


Released in 2005, the GTX1 Concept is a yellow Ford GT Roadster with dual gray stripes running down the hood and along the sides. Built by Genaddi Design Group and Ford’s own design team, the GTX1 is a stunning superstar among Ford’s concept cars. The car’s engine bay houses a 5.4-liter supercharged beast that pumps out 550 horsepower.


3. The Airstream


At its debut in 2007, Ford’s Airstream concept vehicle turned heads at the North American International Auto Show. Dubbed a “retro-futuristic” crossover, the Airstream is silver like the recreational vehicles that are its namesake. Red trim draws attention to the unusually shaped windows. Asymmetrical doors add more intrigue.


Over the years, Ford has created some exceptionally exciting and downright unusual concept cars to showcase the genius of its design team.

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