Tips From Moose Jaw Ford For Putting Your Mustang to Bed for Winter

Tips From Moose Jaw Ford For Putting Your Mustang to Bed for Winter

As soon as the temperature starts to cool, it is time to prepare your baby for its winter slumber.  You should start the process in the fall so that you are ready to park it at a moment’s notice when the mercury plunges and the ice and snow begin to fall.  Moose Jaw Ford has tips for putting your Mustang to bed for winter.


  • Visit the dealership

Take your Mustang to the dealership for routine maintenance and inspection.

  • Maintenance at home

If you prefer, you can do all of your maintenance and service at home.  Replace all the fluids, inspect the brakes, add a fuel conditioner and inspect the battery.

  • Wash and wax

Clean the inside and the outside of the vehicle, and apply a protective layer of wax before you park it for winter.

  • Lift it up

Use small jacks to lift the car off the ground so the wheels are not touching the floor.  If the car sits on the tires, it will cause weak spots and flat spots in the tires.

  • Keep it charged

If you decide against unplugging the battery, make sure you are taking steps to keep it charged.  Hook the battery to a charger or start the car every week, with the garage door open, and allow the car to run for a little while.

  • Top it off

Fill the tank before you park it.  More gas means less moisture in the tank.

  • Prevent critters

Plug the exhaust and any other openings with steel wool.  If you do not mind mothballs, sprinkle a few along the perimeter of the vehicle.

  • Keep it insured

Whatever you do, do not drop insurance coverage.  If something happens while the car is in the garage, it is not covered under your home policy; it comes from your automobile policy.

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