Tips for Driving in the Rain

Tips for Driving in the Rain

As springtime approaches, you can expect more rainy days. Unfortunately, the spring showers bring more than May flowers. They also create dangerous conditions on the roadways. Check out these tips to help you stay safe as you drive in the rain.

Install Good Windshield Wiper Blades

Think of your wipers as your first line of defense against poor visibility in the rain. Before you hit the road, make sure the rubber on your blades is supple and free of cracks. If you need to replace them, it’s a cheap and easy process. You can also ask your local dealership to change them out at your next oil change.

Avoid Using Cruise Control

When the rain falls, you need to stay in complete control of your vehicle. Setting your car on cruise control makes it more difficult to adjust your speed in response to road conditions. There’s another reason to avoid cruise control: It can make you feel complacent as you drive. When it rains, drivers need to keep their full attention on the road.

Reduce Your Speed and Don’t Tailgate

Don’t even think about going the speed limit when the roads are wet. Going too fast in the rain increases your chances of hydroplaning, a phenomenon that occurs when water causes your tire to lose traction.

It’s important to allow extra room between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Your brakes may not work as effectively as they would on dry roads. As a result, you’ll need more distance to completely stop.

If you take care to drive slower and more cautiously in the rain, you’re less likely to have an accident.

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