The Best Beer and Cuisine in Moose Jaw

The Best Beer and Cuisine in Moose Jaw

Located in Southern Saskatchewan, Moose Jaw is a stopover for some and home for many others. Whether you live here or you’re just passing through, Moose Jaw has several pubs where you can get some of the best food in town and a cold drink to wash it down with.


Bobby’s Place

Bobby’s Place is a Scottish pub just off Main Street on High Street East. The owner named the pub after her father, a Scottish immigrant, and the menu includes plenty of British favorites like Yorkshire pudding, bangers and mash, fish and chips, and the Big Ben burger. And while it’s a Scottish pub, rather than an Irish one, they have plenty of Guinness beer on tap.


Browns Socialhouse

Browns is a West Canadian pub franchise and their location in Moose Jaw is just off Main Street on River Street West. Their location puts them just above the old tunnels used to smuggle alcohol into the United States and their building design reflects this rich history. Aside from offering fine pub food, Browns serves several cocktails and craft brews.


Grant Hall Dining Room and Lounge

The Grant Hall Hotel has been serving guests since the 1920s and today you can book a room or reserve a table in their dining room. The high-class menu includes meat and vegan options and they have a full bar for drinks.


Whether you’d call Moose Jaw big or small, it’s clear they have plenty of great options for people who want good food and a good beer to go with it.

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