The 3 Worst Things to Do to a New Car

The 3 Worst Things to Do to a New Car

You want your new vehicle to maintain its value and new car feel for as long as possible. Avoiding these common new car mistakes can help you get the most out of your brand new vehicle.


Ignoring Low Gas Notifications

We’ve all been there. The low gas light pops on, and we wonder how long we can make it until it’s absolutely necessary to fill up. Ignoring your low gas notification and pushing your fuel usage to the very bottom of the tank can actually negatively affect your car. Fuel in the tank plays an important part in cooling down the fuel pump. You might temporarily cut your fuel costs, but you could be setting your car up for expensive mechanical problems.


Avoiding Recommended Maintenance

Maintenance schedules might seem inconvenient and a waste of money. However, they’re an important step in maintaining the value of your car. Keeping up with routine maintenance might cost more than you like, but it can prevent more expensive mechanical problems down the road.


Never Changing Your Tires

Many drivers put off the purchase of new tires. This is never a good idea. Not only can worn tires reduce your fuel efficiency, but it can also put you at risk of a severe car accident. Suffering a collision might mean totaling out your car, paying a significant insurance deductible, and even putting you in danger.


New vehicles tend to be low maintenance and reliable. It’s still important, however, to maintain your new car to prevent costly problems.

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