The 3 Most Spectacular Fords in the Movies

The 3 Most Spectacular Fords in the Movies


Ford vehicles have been featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and most memorable films. These Fords have symbolized freedom and have served as an extension of the characters who drove them.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

The 1971 custom Mustang that played a starring role in the 1974 H.B. Halicki film Gone in Sixty Seconds was part object of desire, part great white whale. Its big persona even warranted a title credit of its own. The part of Eleanor was later played in the 2000 remake of the film with Nicholas Cage by a tempting Mustang GT500.

Thelma and Louise

A Ford Fairlane convertible launched the heroines of this movie out of their stifling lives and into a wild and reckless freedom. A culminating chase scene features one of film’s most memorable moments, as the big Ford plummets over a sheer cliff in slow motion, its leading ladies hand in hand.

Gran Torino

When the name of the movie is also the name of a Ford, you know it’s an iconic ride. The 2008 Clint Eastwood film, Gran Torino, features a 1972 Gran Torino Sport, which is Eastwood’s character, Walt’s, most prized possession. This Ford wasn’t in the best shape, but neither was Walt, or his neighborhood. The passing of the car from Walt to a young man trying to escape a life of gang violence was a touching passing of the torch from one generation to the next, alternately symbolizing desire and redemption.

These Fords have become iconic thanks to their film appearances and are inextricably linked to the stories they helped drive forward.


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