The 3 Best Cafes to Check Out in Moose Jaw

The 3 Best Cafes to Check Out in Moose Jaw

Whether visiting a cafe means getting a great cup of coffee or a delicious breakfast or lunch, you can find it in Moose Jaw. The area offers a wide variety of coffee shops and cafes with sweet treats, coffee drinks, and warm and welcoming atmospheres. Here are some of the best cafes to check out in Moose Jaw.


  1. Mitsu Sweet Cafe

Mitsu Sweet Cafe on Main Street North is a Japanese style cafe with a tranquil feel. You can get sushi here along with pastries, and more. The sweet toast is something you have to try along with the coffee and tea. The sushi pizzas on the menu are a unique lunch option and come with a deep-fried rice crust layered with your favorite sushi.


  1. Chrysalis Coffee

Stop by Chrysalis Coffee for a wide variety of coffee drinks. This charming coffee shop and cafe serves breakfast and lunch, along with baked treats to go with your coffee. Make sure to try the coconut milk coffee or the dirty chai. The cinnamon bun with pecans and cream is also a must. If you don’t drink coffee, the hot chocolate is also delicious, or you can indulge in a caramel vanilla latte.


  1. The Gallery Cafe

The Gallery Cafe serves up homemade food made from local ingredients. The menu has several vegetarian and vegan options, and all the dishes have a modern twist. Make sure to try the Saskatoon berry pudding, and the chowder.

Stop by one of these Moose Jaw cafes for lunch, breakfast, or just some great coffee.

Image via Flickr by MIKI Yoshihito

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