Swift Current Area Ford Dealer Offers Battery Care Tips

Swift Current Area Ford Dealer Offers Battery Care Tips

Without a battery, we won’t get very far in our Swift Current area new or used Ford so it is important to proactively care for your vehicle’s battery. Battery life can depend on a lot of factors and the more care you take the longer your battery will last saving you money and hassle in the long run.


Taking care of your battery means having it serviced as necessary to remove corrosion and poor connections. There are also other things you should do to make sure you aren’t wasting your battery power.


Always Turn Off Lights

Many drivers wake up to a dead battery because they forgot to turn off interior lights or headlights. Many of the new Ford models have the convenience of automatic lights which turn off with the engine but if you do not have that feature, be diligent about turning off all lights before leaving your vehicle.


Wasting Your Energy

When the vehicle is not on, you need to run its accessories sparing and only if you have to. Running your audio system or other features when the engine is not running will drain your battery unnecessarily and you will need to replace it much sooner.


Disconnect for Long-Term Parking

If you plan to leave your vehicle for a long period of time make sure to disconnect the battery. Even when your vehicle is parked the battery is still emitting energy. You could come back to a depleted battery upon your return. Disconnecting the battery can help prevent wasted energy.


You should err on the side of caution and keep a set of jumper cables or a battery charger in you trunk at all times in case something goes wrong. It will safe you the cost of a tow service. Our Ford service center near Swift Current can also perform regular maintenance checks on your battery to remove rust and corrosion and check connections to the engine.

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