Summer Road Trip Survival Guide From Your Ford Dealer Near Moose Jaw

Summer Road Trip Survival Guide From Your Ford Dealer Near Moose Jaw

luggage in the family car ready for the holidaysIt is that time of year when families are planning summer road trip vacations. If you are gearing up for a family road trip this summer, do you know what you should do to prepare ahead of time? Are you looking for some tips to ensure your road trip goes smoothly and is one full of great memories? Your Ford dealer near Moose Jaw offers the following summer road trip survival guide.

Safety First: Safety should be a top concern when planning your summer road trip. Before you leave, get your car serviced and any necessary repairs completed. Clean out your car so there is no chance of flying debris. You should also check your emergency road kit and first aid kit to ensure they are stocked and ready for the trip. Finally, test safety belts and check to see that any child safety seats are installed correctly.

Packing Tips: It is best to pack light so you are not towing a heavy load. Items you will want to pack include book bags for the kids filled with items to keep them entertained along the way. Pillows and blankets are a good idea, especially for longer trips and when kids might be sleeping on board. Finally, bottled water and snacks can also go a long way in keeping all on board happy.

Helpful Apps: If you have a smart phone you may want to down load helpful travel apps. These include iExit, gas buddy and apps for hotels, restaurants and for your destination.

Build The Excitement: Finally, when you are underway get everyone excited about your vacation. Pick up some brochures and pamphlets ahead of time for your destination. Hand them out on the trip and have everyone pick what they would like to do when you arrive.


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