Everything to Know Before Changing Your Car Colour

Everything to Know Before Changing Your Car Colour

Changing the exterior colour of your car is one of the easiest ways to change your vehicle's appearance. It can revitalize an older vehicle or make a newer car even more unique than before. But there are several things to consider before scheduling a car colour change service. There are pros and cons of respraying or changing the colour of a car.


Is Your Car Worth Painting?


For older vehicles, there might be a lot of things that you do not like, including outdated paint colour. Other things, such as worn-out steering wheels, gear shifters, or seat materials, can be replaced relatively quickly, easily, and cheaply. However, painting the entire exterior of a vehicle is a more intensive undertaking.


If your car is older and not worth tens of thousands of dollars, that does not mean that it is cheaper to paint. In fact, it might even cost more to achieve a good finish.


Will Changing My Car's Colour Affect the Value?


If a car's value will improve really depends on the car. It may or may not be worth enough in the end to justify the expense of a colour change. Having your car's paint in top condition will usually enhance its value; however, drivers will most likely not see a 100% return on investment.


The actual colour chosen can also play a part in the resale value of a car, but not always in a good way. Black, gray, white, and silver are rarely bad choices for a car's exterior. Bright colours are often chosen for paint jobs, and this can make some cars really pop, such as a Dodge Challenger or Lamborghini Huracan. However, a Ford Escape would not look as fantastic in canary yellow.


An exception is when restoring a vintage vehicle. Repainting will be a service well worth doing, and most colours will look great.


What is Involved in Painting a Car?


Repainting a car requires a lot of time and effort, either by you or a body shop. Amateur painting usually turns out worse than the original paint job and is not recommended. Body shops are well equipped to handle paint jobs, and they can handle them much faster than people of the street attempting the job.


For a quality job, every bit of trim must be removed from the vehicle's exterior. The glass needs to be removed or taped off perfectly. The bodywork needs sanding and damage needs repaired. Even the interior should be removed.


After all of that is finally complete, the entire painting process can begin, which involves applying primer, undercoat, several coats of paint, and a final clear coat needs to be completed. And finally, a professional paint job will include finely rubbing down and then polishing the finished paintwork.


Colour Change Service


Changing the colour of your vehicle is not as simple as spray painting a new colour over the existing one. Many parts of the car must be removed or taped off to produce a quality job. It is important to find an experienced professional service centre to perform a colour change service.

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