Should Teenagers Pay Car Insurance? Discussion With Regina Area Ford Dealer

Should Teenagers Pay Car Insurance? Discussion With Regina Area Ford Dealer

Beautiful Teen Girl with New CarFor many families, the question of who should pay for the teenager’s car insurance is a difficult one. Often, one parent feels the teen should pay for it while the other may feel it is the responsibility of the parents to pay for it. Regina area Ford has some information for parents to consider in the age old debate of who should pay for teen car insurance:

Advantages of Parents Paying Teen Insurance


Some parents decide driving is a necessity for their teens, just like shelter or food, and therefore feel they should pay for it until the teenager is out on their own. The primary advantage of the parent providing the teen car insurance is that the teen won’t have to sacrifice school time, sports or other events they may participate in by holding a part time job.


Advantages of Teens Paying Their Own Car Insurance


For families who decide the teen must pay for his or her own car insurance, it encourages the teen to learn a little responsibility. He or she will have to either get a part time job to raise the money or do odd jobs or babysit. Earning money and paying bills is a skill all teenagers need to learn before they are adults, and many families feel having the teen pay for their own car insurance is a good way to ease into the responsibilities of the adult world.


Since most car insurance providers offer discounted car insurance for teens would good grades, it may also encourage your child to spend more time studying.


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