See What is New in the 2020 Ford Explorer at your Swift Current area Ford

See What is New in the 2020 Ford Explorer at your Swift Current area Ford

2016 marks a redesign for the Ford Explorer and your Swift Current area Ford dealer invites you to see one for yourself. The Explorer offers new technology and spacious room for storage and passengers.


New Features in the 2016 Ford Explorer

This year Ford went for a lot of changes in the Explorer both inside and out. The exterior has received an updated styling for a bold look that wants to explore. A new user interface has been added to the interior of the vehicle, making the controls easier to use and more intuitive. The parking system has seen updates so the vehicle can now park itself in parallel and standard parking spaces.


Premium Features

The Ford MyKey offers programmable settings including maximum speeds to keep you honest as well as making this a great car to share in a family with young drivers. The rearview camera in the Explorer has the ability to keep clean offering a safety enhancing feature that does not stay dirty if you decide to head off road. The front camera with front park aid offers extra awareness in tight spaces and allows drivers to view around corners; this camera also includes a washer to keep it clear and working. The available hands-free foot-activated liftgate makes loading the Explorer easier than ever when in range with your key, just motion with your foot below the back bumper to open the liftgate.

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