Regina Area Ford Asks: Are You Washing Your Car Correctly?

Regina Area Ford Asks: Are You Washing Your Car Correctly?

Car washYou probably think washing a car is so easy a monkey could do it, but are you doing it the right way? Washing your car should be part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. Your Regina area Ford dealer offers the following advice for washing your car correctly:

Get the Right Soap

When people wash their cars in their driveway or yard, they often grab a bottle of dish soap. It’s convenient, inexpensive, and you usually already have some on hand. Unfortunately, dish soap can strip the protective wax off your vehicle’s paint. Get soap specifically made for washing cars for better results and reduced risks of damage.

Stay Out of the Sun

Make sure you move your vehicle into the shade when you wash it. Parking in the sun causes the water to dry too quickly, which leaves spots on the car.

Use Two Buckets

Many car washers fill a bucket with water and soap and then use the hose to rinse their car. What you should do is fill two buckets: one with your car wash soap and water, and the other bucket with just clean water.  After you scrub your car with a microfiber cloth, first dip it into the clean water and rinse to remove soap and dirt before re-lathering. This prevents putting all of the dirt into your soapy water bucket and helps keep your soap water more effective.

Rinse And Dry Thoroughly

Use the hose to remove all of the soap from the car, starting with the roof and working your way down. Instead of letting the vehicle air dry, use a soft, clean towel to dry it off. This will eliminate water spots that cause your vehicle to appear dirty even if it’s clean.

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