Reasons to Look Forward to the 2019 Ford Explorer

Reasons to Look Forward to the 2019 Ford Explorer

The newly released 2019 Ford Explorer is an exciting option in the crossover SUV family. While it still has the same general shape as previous years since the 2011 generation release, there are several new and updated features to look forward to.


Newly Updated and Refined Trim Levels

There are five unique trim levels featured on the 2019 Explorer. The Base and XLT trims have a sporty 290 horsepower engine, and those looking for an upgrade can look at the sport or platinum trim levels to unlock the powerful 365 horsepower engine.


Active Driver Assist Features to Keep You Safe

Driver assistance is quickly becoming an expected feature among new year models. In fact, all 2018 models and beyond are now required to have a backup camera. The 2019 Ford Explorer includes several of these in-demand driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance.


Exciting Entertainment Packages

In addition to the excellent safety and driver assistance features, the 2019 Ford Explorer adds several great entertainment features to the center console. New this year is the feature labeled as Ford+Alexa, which allows you to sync your car up with Amazon’s voice-controlled home assistant. Check live traffic, order items from Amazon, and access Alexa’s 30,000 skills with your voice.


The 2019 Ford Explorer has plenty of reasons for you to look forward to it this fall. The new trim levels, generous driver assistance features, and commitment to adding new technology make it one of the hottest crossover SUVs in 2019.

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