Ranger Raptor: A New Ford Truck for the USA

Ranger Raptor: A New Ford Truck for the USA

Late one night, just before the Detroit auto show, a single photograph posted online set chat rooms for truck lovers into a tither: a photo that shows the Ford Ranger Raptor being tested on U.S. highways. That picture, combined with other evidence, has many people extremely excited about the prospect of this new addition to the Ford truck family making its long-awaited debut in America. But why? What has people so exhilarated about this vehicle?


A Powerful Piece of Machinery

If you are unfamiliar with the Ranger Raptor, much of what you need to know can be summarized by the fact that in the Australian market, one area where the vehicle is currently available, the truck is nicknamed The Beast Down Under. Quite simply, it is one of the most rugged automobiles ever manufactured for commercial use. Everything about the Ranger Raptor is designed to maximize its off-road capabilities, from the powerful engine, AWD, powerful shocks and suspension, height, and more. Seriously, when the truck lover dreams up the perfect vehicle, this is it.


Still Much to Anticipate

We don’t know exactly what the American version of the Ranger Raptor will entail. Some of the specifications on the model available overseas would not fulfill certain American laws, for example.  Also, the American model would likely not use a diesel engine, which is preferred overseas.

All we do know is that within the next few years, a very powerful new truck will be available in the Ford lineup. Autophiles, rejoice.

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