Oil Changes Are More Important Than You Think!

Oil Changes Are More Important Than You Think!


Pouring oil into a car engine

Getting your oil changed or doing it yourself is one of those tasks that is necessary but daunting. You know you need it done, but don’t feel like stopping after work to sit in a service station or getting all of your equipment out and jacking up your vehicle on the weekend, so you let it go for longer than you should. Although many of us procrastinate on oil changes, you really shouldn’t, and they should be done as a general rule every four to six months or around 5,000 miles. Below we discuss the importance of regular oil changes for your vehicle.

Less Engine Friction With New Oil

Over time, oil ages and gets dirty. This leads to a loss in the ability to reduce friction, leading to premature and unnecessary wear within your engine. Regular oil changes means that engine friction will be kept down to a minimum because you’ll be replacing the old, broken down oil with brand-new, clean oil. This also means that lubrication will be increased within your engine. The right amount of engine lubrication is critical to the health and longevity of your engine, since all of its internal components need a thick coating of oil to properly function.

Reduce the Operating Temperatures of the Engine

When engine friction is reduced, there is a natural decrease in the engine operating temperatures. Routine oil changes mean that the engine has a constant supply of clean oil that will make it easier to flow and will absorb heat related to the engine, lowering operating temperatures. This means there is less of a chance of your engine overheating.

Get Rid of Engine Sludge

When you change your oil regularly, you it helps stop engine sludge from forming. Once sludge has formed in the engine, an oil change will help remove it by giving it new, clean oil to work with.

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