Moose Jaw Ford Has Some Tips for Bad Weather Driving

Moose Jaw Ford Has Some Tips for Bad Weather Driving

rain mirrorBad weather has many forms but there are some truths across them all. Moose Jaw Ford has a list of ways to change your driving in bad weather to stay safe. The most important thing to keep in mind with bad weather is to pull off the road if the situation becomes too dangerous.


Extra Time Extra Safety

Regardless of what kind of weather is causing poor driving conditions make sure to give more space than usual between you and the vehicles ahead. Whether the weather is rain, fog or snow more time to react can make all of the difference.


Tips for Driving in Fog

  • Keep an eye on your speed, fog can trick the brain into thinking you are going slow and naturally make you speed up.
  • Never use your high beams as it decreases your visibility.
  • Always use your headlights; it makes other drivers more likely to see you.
  • Use the lines on the road as a point to stay in your lane.


Tips for Driving in Rain

  • Brake earlier and lighter while giving extra time to stop.
  • Do not use cruise control, it cannot always compensate for wet roads and may cause the vehicle to act unexpectedly.
  • Roads are most dangerous after dry periods because of the buildup of oil and other substances on the road. Use extra caution at the beginning of a storm or after an extended dry period.

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