Moose Jaw Ford Explains How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Totaled Car

Moose Jaw Ford Explains How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Totaled Car

Getting the most out of your totaled car begins before you get into an accident.  Accidents are stressful, and a total loss adds to the frustration.  Fortunately, you can have some input during the process.  Moose Jaw Ford explains how you can get the most out of your totaled car.

Review your insurance policy

Do not wait until an accident happens to review your policy.  Call your insurance agent and review your coverages before something happens.  Make sure you ask questions about deductibles, liability, car rental, towing, and settlement value.  Actual cash value and replacement cost are two very different terms, and one may leave you paying out more than you expected.

Keep receipts and photos

If you modify your vehicle or replace parts, keep your receipts and take photos so that you can prove the condition of the vehicle prior to the loss.  Also, keep your insurance company up to date on any changes you make to the vehicle.

Stay up to date on maintenance and service

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance schedule.  If your car is in good shape, it is worth more.

Maintain interior and exterior

Address minor dents, scratches, and dings as they happen.  You don’t want small damage to turn into something larger and reduce the amount of your car’s value if it is totaled.

Do your homework

Research the value of your vehicle by obtaining estimates from three different sites, such as,, and  Take an average and use that figure as a bargaining tool when you are working with the company to settle your claim.

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