3 Features That Make the Ford Fusion an IIHS Top Safety Pick

3 Features That Make the Ford Fusion an IIHS Top Safety Pick

Safety is a top concern with any car purchase, and the 2017 Ford Fusion earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest rating. Let’s look at some of the standard safety features of this car.


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1. Airbags


The Fusion comes with front-impact, side-impact, overhead, and knee airbags. The front airbags protect the driver and passenger during a front-end collision while the side airbags protect in case of a side collision. The overhead bags inflate during a rollover, and the knee airbags protect the occupant’s lower extremities.


2. Brakes and Control


Antilock brakes sense when a tire stops rotating under extreme braking conditions and modulates the pressure, allowing the tire to rotate for better control and turning while braking quickly. The stability control senses if the vehicle seems out of control and reduces the engine power or applies the brakes to help the driver regain control of their car.


3. Collision Sensor


Fusions come equipped with a potential collision-detection device that warns of cars or pedestrians that are directly in front of you. A warning flashes on the windshield and an alarm sounds. The brakes then precharge and increase brake-assist sensitivity for better responsiveness when applying them. If a collision is imminent and the car then senses the drive's unresponsiveness, the brakes automatically apply on their own.


Additional Features


Other standard features on the 2017 Fusion include:


  • Rear cross-traffic alerts.
  • Driver drowsiness-detection system.
  • Lane-departure warning and intervention system.
  • Inflatable rear seatbelts.


All these factors add up in making the 2017 Ford Fusion one of the safest cars on the road today.

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