Impressive Ford Safety Features

Impressive Ford Safety Features

Ford is always striving to make their cars safer. In recent years, the company has added many safety features to the vehicles in their lineup, including both passive and active systems. Here are some of the most impressive Ford safety features.





The MyKey system from Ford allows the primary driver to set parameters for secondary or teen drivers. When the car starts up with the teen’s key, parents can limit the top speed to 80 mph and set it to sound a chime when the driver hits 45 mph, 55 mph, and 65 mph. It will also sound a chime if the kids don’t put on their seat belts and keep chiming until they do.



Forward Collision Warning

Ford’s forward collision warning is part of the adaptive cruise control system. This technology will warn you if a collision is possible. It also comes with automatic emergency braking, and the brakes will pre-charge if you don’t slow the vehicle down in time.



Lane Keep Assist

The lane keep assist system will keep track of the road for you to make sure you are in the correct position in relationship to the road markers. If you start to drift out of your lane, it will warn you by creating vibrations in the steering wheel. If you don’t correct your course, the system will apply torque to the steering wheel to get you back in line.

These are just a few of the many safety systems Ford uses to make their vehicles safer.

Image via Flickr by Ian Muttoo

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