How to Use Snow Chains Safely

How to Use Snow Chains Safely

Sometimes, the weather gets so bad that you need to use tire chains. However, using them at the wrong time and in the wrong way will damage your car. Here’s how to use snow chains safely.


When to Use Chains

Chains are meant to be used on packed snow or slush. They can be used on thick ice at times, too, if you need. However, chains are not meant to be used on hard surfaces. Using them at the wrong time could damage or break your chains.


Why Use Chains

You would use chains when you reach a stretch of road that is covered in thick snow and you cannot get traction to move forward. Chains should only be used in these conditions, and only as long as you need to clear the area. When you are out of the snow, the chains need to come off right away.


How to Use Chains

When you need to use chains, you can install them on two or four tires. Four tires is the best configuration, but you can get by with two chains on the drive wheels. Wrap the chains according to the instructions provided. Usually, you will want to wrap them from one side to the other making sure that the hooks that keep them together are on the sidewall.


Driving in conditions that require snow chains can be dangerous. If you have any doubts about your ability to drive, then it is best to stay home. You can also get snow tires and a vehicle that can better handle snow from Moose Jaw Ford.

Image via Flickr by OregonDOT

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