How to Fix a Flat Tire

How to Fix a Flat Tire

A flat tire doesn’t necessarily demand a replacement, at least as long as the cut is small and on the treads instead of on the sidewall. In fact, fixing a flat tire can be a remarkably simple process:


Find the Leak


It’s important to locate the leak so you can find out if the tire is worth saving and so you know where to put the plug. If you’re having trouble finding the right spot, try inflating the tire and listening for a hissing sound. If that fails, mix together some soap and water and pour it over the tire treads. The leak will cause soapy water to foam.


Use a Plug


There are tire sealants out there that can seal a leak, but this is only a temporary fix meant to get you to the nearest service station. On the other hand, a tire plug can last as long as the tire itself, making it your best option by far. A tire plug kit will come with the proper tools, but you need to do things in the proper order:


  1. Widen the hole with the rasp tool.
  2. Attach the plug to the insertion tool. Apply adhesive if necessary.
  3. Insert the plug until there’s only half an inch above the treads and remove the insertion tool.
  4. Wait for the adhesive to dry and then cut away the excess plug.


If the plug worked, you should be able to apply soapy water and not generate any bubbles. If not, you should visit our shop for a professional repair or replacement.

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