How to Choose The Perfect Ford Truck

How to Choose The Perfect Ford Truck

13941820943_2089ac8b03_bEvery Ford truck is made to be the roughest, toughest pickup on the road. With innovations like a tough aluminum alloy frame and the most towing power out there, it’s no wonder the F-series has been the best-selling line of trucks for the past four decades. If you aren’t sure which size suits you best, here’s a quick rundown:


The Ford F-150 is your most likely choice if all you want from a truck is a basic workhorse with four engine options, the best-in-class towing power, three cab sizes, and three bed sizes. Whether it’s work or play, the F-150 can deliver.


The F-250 is the first step into the super-duty trucks, which collectively come with two V8 engine options, one gasoline and one diesel. The F-250 has options like the gooseneck towing point, which boosts towing capacity from 12,500 pounds to 16,600 pounds.


Along with being bigger, the F-350 comes with the option of dual rear wheels, which dramatically improve both the towing and payload capacities. The best payload capacity for a single-rear-wheel F-350 is 4,510 pounds, but the capacity with dual wheels starts at 5,310 pounds.


The F-450 puts the “super” in “super duty.” All F-450 models come with dual rear wheels, the biggest cab, the biggest bed, the diesel engine, and four-wheel drive. While this means the payload capacity suffers, the towing capacity is an astonishing 31,200 pounds. That’s enough to tow a jet fighter.

Ford’s F-series is the best in the world, and you only need to see what they can do to know why.



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