Help Your Teen Avoid These 3 Common Driving Test Errors

Help Your Teen Avoid These 3 Common Driving Test Errors

Driving instructors have some leeway in what they look for, but there are a few mistakes that someone taking a driving test can make that will automatically fail them. Some mistakes are easy to avoid, like running a stoplight, but other mistakes are relatively common. When you’re helping your teen learn how to drive, make sure you show them how to avoid these errors.


  1. Bad Parallel Parking

If you bump a cone in a parking test, that’s usually an automatic failure. Perpendicular reversing isn’t too hard, but parallel parking is notorious for how difficult it can be. Make sure you spend extra time teaching your teen how to back into a parallel space perfectly before you send them to the test.


  1. Ignoring the Blind Spots

Make sure your teenage child gets in the habit of always glancing back to check the blind spots whenever they change lanes or merge onto a new road. Failing to do so is dangerous on the open road and it’s a big mistake as far as the driving instructor is concerned.


  1. Being Nervous

It’s impossible to be completely calm as a new driver taking a driving test, but the more nervous you are, the more mistakes you’ll make. Help your teen prepare for the big test by giving them plenty of experience behind the wheel and letting them feel confident in their skills so they’ll act confident and make the right decisions during the test.

Like any other test, the key to passing is knowing what’s on it and studying up beforehand.

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