Giving Your Teen an F-150? Here’s What You Need to Tell Them

Giving Your Teen an F-150? Here’s What You Need to Tell Them

Giving your teen a Ford F-150 can be a great idea if they have a demanding job or regularly need a vehicle that can store extra cargo. But there are a few things you should tell your new driver before handing him/her the keys.


  1. Be Extra Careful

Driving a truck is a different experience when compared to driving a typical SUV or sedan, especially for new drivers. Because of this, if you plan to give your teen an F-150, it’s best to warn them to be extra careful. The added power and capability can lead to more aggressive driving habits. Tell your teen to be more aware of surrounding vehicles, in addition to his/her decision making while driving.


  1. Regular Inspections

With such a capable vehicle as the F-150, it’s important to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Remind your teen to take care of his/her vehicle and schedule regular inspections. Check under the hood, beneath the truck itself, and all four tires to ensure there isn’t anything wrong.


  1. Get Ready to Spend More

When your teen gets his/her license, auto insurance tends to skyrocket for both parents and teens who want to open their own policy. There’s an increased chance he/she will be going off-roading or traveling in harsher conditions in his/her F-150, which could lead to a higher insurance rate. Alert your teen that it’s going to cost more to own an F-150, so stress the importance of protecting his/her vehicle with car insurance.

Keeping these tips in mind will help your teen navigate the open road with extra caution after he/she gets an F-150.

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