Ford’s 3 Categories of Safety

Ford’s 3 Categories of Safety

There is nothing more important in a high-quality vehicle than its safety features, and if you drive a Ford, you’ll be protected by a comprehensive suite of technology. Ford uses three categories of safety technology so that its vehicles are as secure as possible. You need to know more about these categories if you’re considering purchasing a Ford vehicle.


Ford Safety Technology


Driver Assist and Collision Avoidance


The most advanced Ford safety tech category is Driver Assist and Collision Avoidance. These active systems work to help drivers operate their vehicles more effectively and to avoid serious accidents. A few of the most common pieces of tech in this category include Speed Assist, Brake Assist, and Lane Management.


Occupant Protection


The next Ford safety category is Occupant Protection. These systems are meant to keep passengers safe in the event of a wreck. Ford uses many different technologies for Occupant Protection, including seat belts, airbags, and high-strength steel plates that better absorb impacts. Ford also uses advanced crash data in order to improve how their vehicles perform during accidents.


Post-Crash Response


The final Ford safety is Post-Crash Response, which is centred on aiding Ford drivers and passengers after an accident has occurred. For example, Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC3 systems are able to call emergency services directly after an accident has occurred, and certain Ford models come equipped with an SOS-Post Crash Alert System that alerts passers-by that an accident has occurred.


Get behind the wheel of a Ford vehicle and you’ll get comprehensive safety thanks to three safety categories employed by this manufacturer.

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