Ford Vehicle Availability for 2022: Chip Shortage and Factory Ordering

Ford Vehicle Availability for 2022: Chip Shortage and Factory Ordering

Vehicles are in short supply all across Canada, and there is one main culprit behind the delays: chips. A modern car can easily use more than 3,000 computer chips across its variety of parts. A combination of factors led to the current car chip shortage being experienced across Canada and the globe, and there are some steps you can take to still get the car that you want.


What are Chips?


The computer chips that are used in vehicles are actually semiconductors. Semiconductors are used in everything from smartphones to televisions to cameras to LED lightbulbs. In vehicles, they are used in backup camera, emergency brakes, and more. One vehicle part could use dozens of chips, and thousands of chips can be present in a vehicle. This amount indicates why they are in such short supply.


Causes for the Car Chip Shortage in Canada



One of the main reasons behind the chip shortage is the COVID-19 pandemic. With people staying at home and having more time on their hands, electronics were more in demand. Smartphones, laptops, and video game consoles were selling faster than ever before, so manufacturers were building more to meet orders, using more chips than they had originally planned.


In addition, vehicle manufacturers expected a decline in new car sales due to the pandemic and rising unemployment rates, so they reduced their orders for semiconductors. However, that was not the case. Demand remained steady and even increased, but new vehicles could not be finished without chips. Thousands of vehicles were completely built except for the parts that required chips.


Another cause for the chip shortage was misfortune. A fire at one of the car industry's biggest computer chip suppliers had a massive impact on its ability to fulfill orders at a time when supplies of chips to the auto industry were already running short. While experts once expected the chip shortage to become stable by the fall of 2021, it is going to remain complicated through most of 2022 at the very least with supply chain issues continuing to dominate the headlines.


Avoid the Mess and Pre-Order



New car availability, including that of new 2022 Ford vehicles, is significantly impacted by the shortage with vehicle lots nearly empty and new vehicles being scooped up before they even arrive at dealerships. It can make for a long and frustrating experience trying to buy a new car.


However, Moose Jaw Ford has an easy way for buyers to avoid the car chip shortage in Canada--pre-ordering the vehicle that you want. If you do not find what you want in Moose Jaw Ford's vehicle inventory, you can visit the dealership in person or their website to order exactly what you want from the manufacturer. While Ford's chip shortage will still affect new 2022 Ford vehicle availability, you will not have to spend time and resources reaching out to multiple dealerships to find what you want.


Visit Moose Jaw Ford and pre-order your next Ford vehicle today.

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