Ford Focus 2020: RS and RS2 Difference

Ford Focus 2020: RS and RS2 Difference

Many people are confused when choosing to purchase a 2020 Ford Focus because there seem to be two models on offer, namely the Ford Focus RS and the Ford Focus RS2, also known as the limited edition 2018 Focus RS. Why are there two versions of this nifty vehicle and what are the differences between them?



What is the RS?

The popular Focus RS ended production during 2018. Known for its turbocharged four-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission, the 350 horsepower performance car thrives on speed. The Focus RS debuted in 2016 and handles well on a track or on winding roads.


What is the RS2?

Ford bid farewell to the RS by producing a limited edition model of the racy hatchback, available only in the United States and Canada. Offered in only two colours, Nitrous Blue and Race Red, with a glossy black roof and mirror caps, it sports a Quaife Limited Slip Differential for the front axle. Based on the Focus RS2 package, 1,500 models were produced; 1,000 for the US and 500 for Canada.


Previously, the RS2 package allowed for additional exciting features, such as leather-trimmed RECARO seats, heated exterior mirrors, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, voice-activated navigation, and an eight-way adjustable driver’s seat. These are now standard features in the limited edition.


All in all, the Ford Focus RS is going out with a bang and dominating the course. Designed to exhilarate the driver with high performance and snazzy looks, the limited edition is well worth looking at.



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