Ford Collaborates to Lead the Charge in Self-Driving Car Safety

Ford Collaborates to Lead the Charge in Self-Driving Car Safety

Over the last few years, self-driving vehicles have paved the way to safer roads. Ford is looking to build on existing technology and make driver assistance and self-driving tech by teaming up with other top companies in the industry. Let’s take a quick look into what the future of self-driving cars may look like.


Defining an Industry Standard

One of the key things to define as we move toward a world with self-driving cars is what standards must be met for public use. When it comes to new automotive technology, most manufacturer’s remain tight-lipped about how their vehicles work. In this case, however, Ford, Toyota, and GM are collaborating to define standards which must be met in regards to self-driving vehicles. This powerful bipartisan move will help drive a new age of vehicle safety and futuristic technology.

What Was Discussed at the GM, Ford, and Toyota Meeting?

The decision to define a set of safety standards was a huge step for the industry as a whole. What was concluded is that five levels of self-driving capability be defined, with level five being able to self-drive in any conditions without any human input. One of the biggest challenges the tech will face is the fact that self-driving technology of all levels will need to be able to interact safely with drivers operating vehicles without any driver assistance.

With a little collaboration between auto manufacturers, the future of self-driving vehicles looks bright. We are just a few years away from accessible self-driving cars.

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