Estevan Ford Dealership Encourages Car Owners To Prepare Their Car For Winter Driving

Estevan Ford Dealership Encourages Car Owners To Prepare Their Car For Winter Driving

mechanic wrenchIs your car ready to drive in the cold winter weather? Your Estevan Ford dealer wants you to prepare your car now for the winter months ahead. Here are the top ten tips to get your car ready for the winter driving season.

1) Check your oil and have it changed if needed.

2) Check your battery, make sure the connectors are tightened, that there is no corrosion and consider replacing if needed.

3) Take a close look at your tire’s tread. If the tread is bare then you need to replace your tires before winter weather hits.

4) Check your tire’s air pressure now and regularly throughout the winter months. Colder temperatures can decrease your air pressure and you want it at the recommended level for winter weather driving conditions.

4) Check your windshield wipers and replace if they are not working optimally. Additionally, fill up your windshield wiper fluid so you are ready to go.

5) Check your lights. Make sure all your interior and exterior lights are working. This is increasing important in the winter months when daylight hours are shorter.

6) Make sure your heater and defrost are in good working order.

7) Have your brakes checked.

8) Have any other maintenance or repairs that are needed taken care of.

9) Update your emergency road kit for winter weather driving. Your kit should include items like roadside flares, flashlights, a tire jack, jumper cables, a whistle and ice scrapers.

10) Add items to your car to use in case you are stranded in winter weather. This should include warm blankets, wool socks, hand warmers/gloves, boots, non perishable food items and bottled water.


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