Estevan Area Ford Has a List of the Top 5 Worst Driving Habits

Estevan Area Ford Has a List of the Top 5 Worst Driving Habits

Driving can be stressful and aggravating when you are surrounded by an accumulation of bad drivers.  Estevan area Ford has a list of the top 5 driving habits that drive people crazy, even though they may be guilty of the as well.  Which driving habit are you guilty of?


1. Parking Takeover

How many times have you tried to park, only to find that a car in the next spot felt so special that they had to take up a portion of your lane, too?  Parking takeover also applies to drivers who take over handicap parking spots.

2. Mobile Addiction

How many times a day do you see a driver talking or texting on their mobile phone?  Despite all the warning and fatalities, people are still more concerned about their social life that the life of others and their insurance rates.

3. Road Rage

Road rage isn’t limited to cursing and special use of the middle finger.  If you have tossed your hands in the air at a bad driver, honked your horn, tailgated them, or cut a driver off to prove a point, you have experienced road rage.

4. Unexpected Change

You may know where you are going, but people behind you and turning out into traffic have no idea what you are thinking.  According to the Vancouver Sun, 67% of drivers have seen drivers move into a lane without signaling.

5. Speed Demon

Not only does speeding make you more likely to get into an accident, but you increase your odds of getting a ticket.  Speeding reduces the amount of time you have to control and stop your vehicle.  Speeders are also more likely to engage in the previous bad driving habits.

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