Establishing Boundaries for Teen Drivers: Tips from West Moose Jaw Ford

Establishing Boundaries for Teen Drivers: Tips from West Moose Jaw Ford

When inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel, the risks for car accidents increase drastically.  With teen drivers not having a lot of experience, it is often necessary for parents to establish some boundaries for their new drivers.  Teens have a tendency to think they know everything, and will take off driving with the confidence of an adult who has been driving for decades.  Here are some tips from West Moose Jaw Ford for rules that can help inexperienced drivers stay safe while on the roads:


Don’t Allow Cell Phones

If your teenager is unable to restrain themselves from using their cell phone while driving, you may need to install an app that prevents phone use when the car is moving.  It is for their own safety as driving while talking or texting is a recipe for disaster.

Limit Passengers


While your teen will probably want to fill up the vehicle with friends, you should limit the number of passengers he or she is allowed to transport to limit distractions.  Distracted driving is one of the most common causes for accidents.


Early Curfew

Driving when it is dark out is different from driving during the day.  A newly licensed teenager should be required to return home before dark at first, until he or she has more experience behind the wheel.



Travel Boundaries

Decide how far your teenager is allowed to travel when he or she is out driving.  Limiting how far the teen can travel may give you peace of mind in case they run out of gas or get into a minor fender bender or need your assistance.

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