Enjoy Innovative Entertainment in the 2018 Ford Expedition

Enjoy Innovative Entertainment in the 2018 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition, which is now one of the largest and most celebrated Ford vehicles, got more than just size updates this year. Ford added new luxury features as well, including a serious upgrade to its entertainment systems. Here is a look at how you can enjoy innovative entertainment in the 2018 Ford Expedition.



The Ford Expedition has a new entertainment system called EVO. It lets you connect your in-car systems with a home-based SlingBox to stream TV and movies in your car. It is a great way for second-row passengers to enjoy all the entertainments of home while traveling.


Upgraded Entertainment Interface

Aside from the introduction of the EVO system, the rest of the entertainment system interface has also been upgraded. There are two 8-inch screens with touch controls installed in the back of the first-row headrests. These also come with wireless headphones and controllers for gaming.



These new entertainment systems also come with connectivity options. For most devices, there is a Wi-Fi hotspot that extends in and around the car up to 50 feet. If you need a hard connection, you have a range to choose from, including USB, HDMI, and SD. There is also a DVD player you can use as well.

The Ford Expedition can make a big difference in long trips, especially if you have kids with you. As more information becomes available about the latest Expedition upgrades, you can stay up to date with the help of the experts at Moose Jaw Ford.


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