Engine Oil Has Come A Long Way for Your Regina Area Ford Vehicle

Engine Oil Has Come A Long Way for Your Regina Area Ford Vehicle


Many decades ago, engine oil was manufactured quite differently than it is today. Back then, Regina area Ford owners only had a few different oil weights to choose from to maintain their vehicles. Now oil is much different and vehicle owners need to understand what their vehicle needs to keep it safe and well-protected.



Today, engine oil is manufactured to work with the many new moving parts and engine components that didn’t exist before. More parts are in motion meaning the oil needs to do more work. New engine oil weights are now available to work well with the new engine designs. Your owner’s manual for your Ford vehicle will highlight exactly what kind of oil you need to use.  You may also be able to find this information on the cap where you add the oil to the engine.


If you do engine work at home including oil changes, you need to be familiar with the right weight of oil to be used otherwise you can end up damaging your engine. Let our Regina area Ford service center technicians handle all of the maintenance and basic services like oil changes that your vehicle needs on a routine basis. Don’t attempt to do the work yourself just to save money if you are not an experienced mechanic.


Our staff can set you up with a regular maintenance schedule to ensure oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations are taken care of with ease so your favourite Ford will last for many more years to come.


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