Current Area Ford Asks Drivers if it is Time to Find a New Repair Shop

Current Area Ford Asks Drivers if it is Time to Find a New Repair Shop

Have you been less than satisfied with your car repair shop lately?  Do you dread regular maintenance and repair visits?  If you are growing tired of your current repair shop, maybe it’s time to make a change.  Current area Ford asks drivers if it is time to find a new repair shop.


1. Does Your Mechanic Like to Scare You?

When you take your vehicle to the shop, does your mechanic use scare tactics to encourage repairs?  If your mechanic insists on immediate repairs when you go in for routine maintenance, decline and get a second opinion.

2. Is the Shop a Mess?

How do you feel when you go into the office or peer into the shop?  If the repair facility isn’t cared for, how will they care for your vehicle?

3. Where are the Qualifications?

When you are standing in the office, do you see any certificates or awards on the walls?  What kind of training has the mechanic taken?  Look for current certifications on the walls.  Be suspicious of a shop that can’t or won’t provide you with certification information.

4. Does the Shop Have the Right Equipment?

Does your shop use a scanner to detect problem with your vehicle, or do they make a diagnosis on their own?  If the shop doesn’t have the equipment to scan the car, they probably don’t have the proper computers and tools to fix your car.

5. Do You Sign in Good Faith?

Has your mechanic ever asked you to sign a work order that was blank or incomplete?  When you put your name on an incomplete invoice, you are agreeing to pay whatever charges accumulate once they open the hood.


It is always a good idea to consult your dealer about repairs.  Your dealer is required to follow rules, regulations, and meet specific requirements regarding car repairs, mechanic training, cleanliness, and insurance coverage.

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