Choosing Between Winter and All-Terrain Tires

Choosing Between Winter and All-Terrain Tires

Winter brings images of cold days, snow, and warm drinks, but it also brings the dreaded winter driving. However, winter driving does not need to feel so dire if you have the right kind of tires. Here are a few considerations for selecting the right wheels for your winter travels.



The main attraction of all-terrain tires is that they are suitable for most road conditions. This reduces the need to switch out summer tires for winter tires and vice versa, but there are pros and cons. While you may save yourself a trip to the tire shop if you stick with all-terrain tires, take care to balance that with the other considerations noted below.



The material compounds that make up your tires play a vital role in how well your wheels will respond to different temperatures and conditions.  All-terrain tires are suited for temperatures at or above 45 degrees; any lower, and the tire grip may decrease. They may be perfectly fine if temperatures dip to around or below freezing as long as you take sensible precautions. However, for lower temperatures, true winter tires are recommended to ensure proper handling when facing winter’s chilly grip.



In most conditions, all-terrain tires provide a comfortable ride, although they are not as comfortable on highways and paved surfaces as all-season tires. However, specific winter tires will provide a smoother ride in packed snow. Make sure to be aware of the conditions in your region when choosing.


Make an appointment with your dealership to talk about options for this winter today!

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