Car Owner Awareness Tips from West Moose Jaw Ford Dealership

Car Owner Awareness Tips from West Moose Jaw Ford Dealership

Whenever you take your vehicle out into public, there is always a possibility that the other driver’s on the road can do some damage to your vehicle that can result in a repair bill. It is important for all West Moose Jaw Ford owners to perform random check of their vehicle’s exterior to identify damage as it occurs.


Small scratches or dents commonly occur in parking lots everywhere. Other people opening their doors too close to your vehicle or accidentally bumping into your Ford while they attempt to park can cause minor damage you may not even see until rust begins to form. Pedestrians may also scrape against your vehicle or run their shopping cart into your paint.


It is wise to do a visual inspection of your vehicle on a weekly basis. Walk around and look high and low for the scratches, dings, and dents. While they may start out small, they can turn into larger repairs if neglected. By catching these issues early, our Ford auto body service can buff out the minor issues and restore the finish of your vehicle for less cost than major damage would incur.


You should also do regular checks of basic functionality of your vehicle including the lights and signals. Since you can’t see these features from behind the wheel, it is always a good idea to turn on the lights and then go around your vehicle’s exterior to make sure everything is working as it should be. If your bulbs are blown, our service center can replace them quickly to keep you safe on the roadways.

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