Brake Fluid Maintenance: Tips from Moose Jaw Ford

Brake Fluid Maintenance: Tips from Moose Jaw Ford


Most drivers recognize the signs that their brakes need to be replaced – whether they’re not stopping the vehicle as well as they used to, making grinding noises, or causing the steering wheel to shake when you apply the brakes. What most drivers are unaware of, however, is the need to maintain the brake fluid. Moose Jaw Ford offers the following information about brake fluid maintenance:

Brake Fluid Consistency

When you use your brakes, the friction creates heat in the brake system. Over time, the heat can change the consistency of the brake fluid from a liquid to a vapor. Vaporized brake fluid is too thin to do its job effectively and can lead to brake issues for your vehicle.  Brake fluid can also become too thick, which will cause braking problems over time.

Maintaining Brake Fluid

The best way to maintain your brake fluid is to schedule regular tune ups for your vehicle. When the mechanics are changing the oil, rotating the tires, and checking all of your engine fluids – ask them to check your brake fluid, too. Brake fluid is often contaminated after about two years of driving and may need to be topped off or replaced.

Schedule a Ford Tune Up

Give our Moose Jaw Ford service center a call to schedule a tune up. We can check your brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, rotate your tires, or fix any other maintenance issues you are having with your vehicle. Properly maintaining your vehicle is the key to minimizing expensive repairs and having a vehicle that lasts a long time.


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