Are Your Shoes Impeding Your Driving?

Are Your Shoes Impeding Your Driving?

When you set out for a long drive, do you consider the shoes you’re wearing? Most people just get in the car and head to their destination without thinking about what they have on their feet. But some shoes are dangerous for driving. Here are four types of footwear to avoid when you’re behind the wheel.


Even though sandals are summertime staples, they are a terrible choice for driving. Because they aren’t secured to your foot, they can easily slip off when you are driving. Not only can this make it difficult to reach the brake, but the shoe can become wedged between the floor and the pedal, making it near impossible to stop the car safely without taking your eyes off the road.

Flip Flops

Not only do flip-flops provide the same security issue that sandals do, they also tend to slip off the pedals while you’re driving becauseof lack of traction. This means that reaction time is compromised, whether you are accelerating to merge into traffic or decelerating as you approach a red light.


These shoes have such a thick heel that they misrepresent the pressure you are applying to the pedal. That means that you might be pressing way too hard, causing dangerous speeds or fast stops, or not hard enough, making it difficult to control your vehicle.

High Heels

High heels have a tendency to get caught in the carpet or floor mat of the car, changing your intent when pressing the pedals. They can also make you overcompensate and arch your foot to raise the heel off the floor while driving, which increases muscle fatigue.


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