An Electric F-150? Here’s What We Know

An Electric F-150? Here’s What We Know

The extreme popularity of Ford’s best-selling pickup truck makes it easy to understand the great excitement and many rumors surrounding the possible roll-out of a new electric F-150 model.

Electric Marketshare

Market forces and industry trends are leading the world’s traditional automotive manufacturers to take up the electric challenge posed by rivals such as Tesla and Rivian. Ford is no exception. It looks like an electric pickup truck may be offered by Tesla, which has threatened Ford’s market share in the segment. Add in a new challenge in the form of upstart Rivian, which just received 700-million dollars in funding from Amazon, and the future of the pickup truck is looking extremely electric. Ford appears to be taking on this challenge with an electric F-150 that is packed with power.

Electric F-150

At the moment, Ford is staying mum about what the capacities and specifications would be should they choose to release an electric F-150. However, rumor has it that a lithium-ion battery pack will power electric motors at each of the four wheels. This would provide the F-150 with a built-in four-wheel drive system. With the upcoming rollout of Ford’s Mach E, there’s an opportunity to share technology between platforms, cutting R& D costs on a possible electric pickup.

There’s no word yet on whether or not an electric truck from Ford will be sold under the F-150 nameplate, but don’t be surprised if in the near future a powerful Ford pickup truck whirs past you rather than roars.

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