4 Ways to Get Your Vehicle Vacation Ready

4 Ways to Get Your Vehicle Vacation Ready

The warm months have arrived and kids will soon be out of school. It’s a good time to start planning a vacation, which means getting your vehicle road-ready before taking on the highways and byways.


  1. Under the Hood

Initiate a quick check by starting the car and letting it run for a few minutes. Next, check the driveway for signs of brake, power steering, engine, coolant, or clutch fluid leaks.

Schedule a maintenance check so any leaks can be repaired. During the check, the mechanic will top off all fluids, change filters, add windshield washer fluid, check belts and hoses for deterioration, and ensure the battery and battery cables are in excellent condition.


  1. Brakes

If you’ve experienced any grinding sounds emitted from the car or when you brake the car pulls to the left or right, it may be time for a brake adjustment and/or new brake pads.


  1. Tires 

Have the tires checked for cracks and worn tread. Replace, if necessary. If the tires are good to go, make sure the air pressure is appropriately set for each tire.


  1. Exterior

Check that the headlights, taillights, and turn signals are working, and verify the brake lights are working when the pedal is pressed. Check the condition of the windshield wiper blades — the rubber edging can deteriorate resulting in tears, cracks, and warped blades that will prevent proper clearing of the windshield.


With a few checks by you, an inspection by a mechanic, and a roadside assistance membership, your vacation can be a dream adventure versus a nightmare of breakdowns and repairs.

Image via Flickr by Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region

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