3 Tips to Get the Maximum MPG From a Ford Hybrid

3 Tips to Get the Maximum MPG From a Ford Hybrid

So you’re considering a Ford Hybrid for your next vehicle purchase and you’re wondering how you can get the most mileage out of a hybrid car or SUV. While miles per gallon rating is based on typical driver behavior, your personal driving habits can play a part in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Let’s discuss some driving habits that you can adopt to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.



  1. Smooth Brake Application

Rather than applying your brakes at the last minute and coming to a hard stop, try giving yourself time to stop and brake smoothly. Braking smoothly allows your Ford Hybrid to recharge its battery through regenerative braking. The more power the battery has, the less fuel you’ll have to use. And let’s face it, braking at the last minute is unsafe and can cause extra wear and tear on your brakes.



  1. Use Your Cruise Control

If you have a habit of constantly accelerating and decelerating, try taking advantage of your Ford Hybrid’s cruise control instead. Maintaining a steady speed is much more fuel-efficient than frequently speeding up and slowing down, especially on the highway. Also, cruise control will help you maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles.



  1. Maintenance

Keep your Ford Hybrid properly maintained. Properly-inflated tires, the correct grade of motor oil, and clean fuel and air filters can all play a part in maximum fuel efficiency.

These are just some of the techniques you can use to get the most out of your Ford Hybrid.

Image via Flickr by Gabriele Barni

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