3 Surprising Facts About Ford

3 Surprising Facts About Ford

8342731178_c891c07a4bFord may be a household name, but with such an extensive history of producing some of the world’s finest automobiles, some of the details can end up lost in history. Here are some of the most surprising facts about Ford Motor Company you probably didn’t know.

Ford was Green Long Before it was a Thing

Up until 1939, Ford factories in both England and the United States used animal and human manure to power their facilities. They used so much manure, in fact, that Ford burned through about 2,000 pounds of waste per week. Despite the smell, this was an incredibly eco-friendly practice during a time when few gave thought to the environment. Unfortunately, less expensive fuel methods were available after 1939, and Ford abandoned their green measures until more recently.

Ford Didn’t Invent Assembly Lines

It’s a commonly held misconception that Henry Ford invented the assembly line in order to mass produce his cars. In reality, he only adapted the concept after touring a slaughterhouse. Although his idea may not have been completely original, his adaptation of the slaughterhouse’s assembly line methods revolutionized product production for good.

Ford Did “Invent” a Common Catchphrase

You’ve probably heard (and used) the phrase “an arm and a leg,” but did you ever stop to think where it came from? Henry Ford coined the catchphrase after someone asked why he was so carefree with his money. His actual quote was, “money is like an arm or leg — use it or lose it.”

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