3 Scenic Drives in Saskatchewan

3 Scenic Drives in Saskatchewan

See beautiful sights throughout the Saskatchewan province, and come back with a few new stories to share! If you’re interested in a trip through Saskatchewan, here are three great scenic drives to get you started.


To Swift Current

If you’re like us and in the Moose Jaw area, consider taking a trip to Swift Current. The road cuts through vast piedmont fields with bales of hay and animals aplenty. You can also view lakes and salt flats, a major export for the province. Once you arrive at Swift Current, test your luck at Living Sky Casino or play one of the gorgeous golf courses.

To Rosthern

Get a more in-depth look at the role agriculture plays in Saskatchewan. Start in Saskatoon, a lovely town with a thriving local restaurant scene. Head up highway 7 to Harris, where you can stop by Crystal Beach Orchards to pick berries. The view is broad and snowy in the winter, but calm. You can continue all the way to Perdue on Day 1 and then to Rosthern, known for the Seager Wheeler National Historic Farm.

Around Moose Jaw

If you live in Moose Jaw and want a scenic drive closer to home, this route goes 40 miles west on highway 1, to Mortlach. The village’s population is only about 350 people but is charming and full of historic buildings. From there you can proceed to Assinboia and see the Shurniak Art Gallery. Then head home to Moose Jaw for a completed daytrip.

Give one of these drives a try soon, and let us know where else you’d go for a scenic drive in Saskatchewan by posting a comment below!

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